Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lani Hammett - What Does A Metallica Wife Wear In The 00s?

Kirk Hammett's low-profile wife Lani gave birth to a son on June 28th this year (the bafflingly named Vincenzo Kainalu Hammett). Lani was not one to strut around Nicole Richie-style in hip maternity outfits, so to answer my own question (what ARE the rocker wives wearing?) I've rounded up some pre-baby shots.

Black, leather, corduroy, no-fuss hair and cheap-looking shoes. Is that a purse she's holding or an envelope? 'Dear Lani, kudos to you for the rock spirit.' Metallica may have sold out but you sure didn't.

The only thing that's 'now' about this is the slightly emaciated look, but you know it's drugs-debauchery-and-partying induced, not the result of fussy, painstaking lifestyle choices (gym, dieting, macrobiotic foods).

A little more stylishly rock. Check out those tatts! Kirk was having a hotel mogul moment, with that Hawaiian shirt and velvet (is that velvet?) suit. His curls are tight-tight-tight, like individually stacked springs. Hers are loose and lazy. Like all great loves, they balance one another.

A playful moment captured in the tropics. You've got a red dress and a pretty hairpiece, and your husband is having a Chris Cornell moment. Can I be you?

Then again, the head segment in the lower right (from the original article) could be some woman he was supposed to be cheating with. Trouble in paradise...

Lani enters the present millennium, with sleek-looking hair, a new fringe, modern makeup and a bit of effort in the clothes department.


Jenna said...

I think Kirk and his wife's best style is seen in their Hawaii photos I came across.....!
you should post them-

Jenna said...

Hi- I found photos of Kirk Hammett and his wife with their children- they must be recent. Wondering if you could tell me where they were taken?