Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Christina Aguilera's Shocking Fashion Moments

Still on Christina Aguilera; in (dis)honour of her latest tragic VMAs moment, I'm taking a look at her fashion misadventures from past years.

Ah, the VMAs. Music awards shows typically present a wild, colourful fashion turnout: a choice showcase of dubious tastes (as opposed to television or movie award shows, where everyone scrambles to look blandly stylish, in hopes of being branded a 'modern day Audrey Hepburn'. The Emmies? A sea of floor-length earth-toned dresses. The Oscars? Beiger by the year).
Christina is an upholder of the grand music tradition. Let's check out some of her looks.
1999 and 2000: Christina debuts as everyone's second-favourite trashy nineties pop nymph. That butterfly midriff top on the left is so 'mall' (as they say) it hurts. The outfit on the right could well be a ball gown slashed to bits.
And the underlights (as opposed to highlights)! Remember those? Chunks from the under-sections of the hair would be foiled and coloured, producing that inimitable nineties trashbag look (Jessica Simpson was also a fan). Christina chose bright maroon to complement her bleach blonde. Ooh la la...
2002: It doesn't get much better (worse) than this. Christina turns up in a wraparound top (flashing some serious underboob), with an industrial strength spray tan and the most laboriously slutty red eyeshadow known to man. The dark underlights on her white blonde hair (bleached to absolute breaking point) produce a weird 'grey' effect (black + white = grey).
I have nothing more to say. Would you believe that this is worse up close? I've spared you the full size image.
2003: Christina cleans up a little and steps out in a very unusual (and quite notorious, at the time) feathered Roberto Cavalli dress. Her body looked sexy here.
2006: At the height of her fashion golden age: the fifties looks! Christina turns up with perfectly set curls, immaculate makeup and a plunge dress, just to keep things from getting g-rated.

2008: Channelling Morticia Adams (yes, that's got to be it) at the 2008 VMAs. What goes up, must come down...
images: mtv.com, christinazone.com

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