Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fashion Forward Celebrities Take Chances (For Once) At the Costume Institute Gala

They call it the 'Oscars of the east', but in many ways the Costume Institute Gala is like an anti-Oscars.

It's a night of experimentation. Attendees who have never taken a fashion risk in their lives are encouraged - just on this occasion- to go more Helena Bonham Carter than Jennifer Aniston. No beige tube dresses or ball gowns allowed! Here are some of 2008s hits and misses...

Is it a sleeve? Is it a cape? A flimsy jacket? Amber Valetta starts us off with a nod to the ongoing voluminous trend. The jutting cape works IMO because the body of the dress fits her like a *glove* (she looks like an Oscar statuette) and because the colour is plain.

Eugenia Silva wore something I could see on Sarah Jessica Parker - but I actually like it on Eugenia Silva. Brunettes can do quirky because their sober, classy look balances it. Go brunettes! (I just dyed my hair chocolatey and my brunette pride is at an all-time high).

Designer Diane Von Furstenberg wore one of her own dresses. And a fab pair of blue shoes. With a red sole! Where was all this flair when I reviewed her borax spring designs a couple of months ago?

Cute and quirky Maggie Gyllenhaal was made for the Costume Institute Gala. She would have looked that way anyway :)

A more demure Beyonce Knowles. She looks gorgeous! Like a candy-covered chocolate (instead of a chocolate-covered candy).

Please tell me that's not racist! I will not have my girlish encouragement censored by you PC thugs ;)

The mother of them all, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, in a white dress with unusual sea shell accents. It reminds me a little of Oscar winner Marion Cotillard's mermaid dress. On the other hand, it reminds me a little of something from Star Wars.

You know what? I like it either way! Who can argue with Anna Wintour's fashion choices?

Donna Karan in a sagging, puke-coloured dress of her own design... she should have saved this for the SAG awards. Is that a stain between the folds at the front?

Eva Mendes looked the way she usually does, only with a few snips and folds at the hem. Is this really innovation?

Fergie looked frumpy.

My personal favourite. Kate Bosworth looks like a model pre-catwalk, not an actress.