Saturday, April 12, 2008

Christian Lacroix Hits New York! This Calls For A Retrospective...

French designer Christian Lacroix opened his first New York store yesterday on swish East 57th street (home of Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton). This big name will fit right in - but why has it taken him so long?

Asked why he waited twenty years to set up shop in America's fashion capital (could it be a snub? How French!) the mild-mannered designer simply said:

'...I prefer to do everything with good timing, with a good location.'

Fair enough. To celebrate this milestone in Franco-American relations, let's check out what Lacroix has been up to for the last eight years.

2000 Wacky patterns, cropped jackets and parade of ever-changing trouser cuts. Lacroix's designs at the turn of the century betray a definite party sensibility.

2001 Toning it down (just a little), blackening it up and playing with coloured tights long before any of us were even dreaming of it.

2002 Voluminous shapes and loud patterns (and pigtails) sound a final death knell for the sober, streamlined nineties.

2003 A brief love affair with skin took us all by surprise.

2004 Flirting with the fifties and sixties, and abandoning that reliable old red ready-to-wear setting for good.

2005 Russian-tinged glamour took everybody's breath away.

2006 Patterns galore! And the girliest vibe to date

2007 A more mature outlook, darker colours and a an outer-space aesthetic.

2008 Coats bulked up and colour was almost nowhere to be seen at the spring ready-to-wear show.


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