Monday, February 11, 2008

Make your Cheekbones Pop

I heart this product! Blush is the one product that can make you look polished instantly. I was delighted to see that Covergirl had analysed the phenomenon... and released a neat compact designed to maximise the cheekbone 'pop'. Makeup is all about lighting and shading- apply a light shimmery shade to some area and you bring it forward. Applying a dark, matte shade will cause that area to 'recede' in the eyes of a viewer. Why not make the most of this? 

Covergirl 'Instant Cheekbones' Contouring Blush includes mid, light and dark shades; apply the mid as you would your usual blush (on the cheek apples), the light slightly higher (closer to your eyes) and the dark shade in the hollows of your cheeks (handy diagrams are included for blush novices). 

Voila! Your face looks instantly sculpted.

I'm not kidding ! When I first saw this product I thought 'pfff, one of those overwrought makeup ideas that doesn't actually do anything' (falling square in this category is white eyelash primer. You know those double mascaras that were popular for a while, which had a white tube on one end and the black on the other? I've never met anyone who didn't agree that they just make your lashes look gunky and sticky). But Instant Cheekbones really does look fantastic.

Bliss! It's a Fashion Oasis because:

- essentially you're getting a highlighter, blusher and bronzer in one package. Makeup artists use three separate products in exactly the same way to achieve the same effect. Now regular gals can do it with one teensy compact.

- at only $5, you really are getting value for money. If you're not a big fan of emphasising your cheekbones (something I'll never understand, but these people do exist) but you want to try it occasionally, this is the product for you. No need to make three separate investments.

-you know you're not paying extra for the packaging. It's clear, no-nonsense Covergirl plastic. The money you pay is getting you quality makeup.

- You can use it on your brow bone as well, for a nice, matched glowing look.

Leaving you Hot and Bothered:

-if you bought a separate bronzer, highlighter and blush you could choose products that are tailored for your skin, go for favourite brands or have a wider choice of colours. Also, true bronzer and highlighter can be used all over the face and body- can't do that with these little powders.

- some people say they don't trust themselves to blend blush properly. The problem will be tripled here !

-after a week or two the packaging gets powdery and it really does look like crap

Maybe you'd prefer to spend extra and get something you can display on your Vanity with pride (no pun intended!)

Verdict: Four Oases

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Miss Anthrope said...

This would be someone who has fair, white skin, but what about those of us who are tan... does the CoverGirl blush trio come in darker, brownish tones?