Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lay Off The Spray Tan Or You Could End Up Looking Like THIS

I had to post this shot of tanorexic guys in a club (from )

Is this what happens when men become vain?

Well, not always. David Beckham looks great! And shocking spray tans aren't strictly the domain of preening men; I've seen doozies on girls in the street (never quite THIS bad! Centuries of vanity have left girls pre-programmed with at least some sense of what looks good slapped on their faces. And if it hasn't - if they have NO makeup sense - a torrent of bitchy remarks will usually set them straight by the end of high school).

But the fact stands: metrosexuality in the wrong hands can be disastrous...

There's actually an equation for the look:

Metrosexuality + the wrong hands = crazed Eurotrash !

The girls in the photo are either very young and naiive, too tipsy to be critical, distracted by something else, respectful of these guys for intangible reasons (inner beauty?) or determined to look serene and pouty when the pic is posted on Myspace. Because they're not even cringing.

The one on the left looks like he's been dipped in warm Max Brenner chocolate. With none of the usual sexy and erotic consequences.


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Mischo Beauty said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! Your blog is funny... I had no idea Kirsten Dunst went to rehab!

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