Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dark Pleasures

Shade Tried: Steel-etto

I took a picture of this against my other nail polishes and it looks like an army of bubblegum teenagers lining up to battle the Antichrist!

This is a heavy, shiny shade, part of Revlon's limited edition 'Dark Pleasures' line. My nails were shortish when I applied it, which wasn't ideal; darker shades tend to make nails look even shorter. But it's a good colour: not-quite-black! It dries a deep bluish grey (like steel) but still catches the light.

Just a little bit Vampire.

Bliss! It's a Fashion Oasis because:
- For A$7.95 (about 5 US dollars) you're getting a limited edition shade.
- Great colour. I've heard people say Revlon colours can look cheap, I think they're hit-and-miss. This one is chic; a cool variation on the all-popular black? Get this if you're sick of Chanel 'Black Satin' (declared 'the polish of the season' by and want dark talons with a twist.
- I wore it for three days before I noticed any chips. This is with all the typing/ can-opening/ product-perusing/ food-unwrapping and home-maintaining I do (erm, average to high...)
Leaving you hot and bothered:
-I had to apply three coats to get that chunky look. A lot of people don't have the patience. Also dark shades look their best chunky IMO.
-It takes ages to dry. Actually, this is my biggest problem with Revlon polish - it dries in about the time it takes to proofread a doctoral thesis. Compare to Cutex 'Metallic Flash', which I've been wearing for the last two weeks and which dries in 60 seconds! Slow dry means you have to endure that annoying two hours trying to remember not to touch anything. Times that by three (for the three coats) and yep, you'll need a whole Sunday afternoon.
-A lot of people don't like buying Revlon because they're not known as a particularly ethical brand (toxic chemicals used in the production processes, animal testing stories floating around, etc, etc...)

Verdict: Three Oases

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