Friday, January 4, 2008

For the Love of Colour

I love colour; I really do. I'm mad for it. Look at this image, what's your response? Your immediate emotional reaction?

Mine is... a giddy appreciation for the colours! Yes, the big-breasted, scantily-clad woman barely registers... maybe that just goes to show I'm a girl!

A red blooded bloke might respond differently but trust me, on some level he is enjoying the colour too. He just doesn't realise it. Colour kicks ass!


o you think it's too much? Dolce and Gabbana do colour the way everyone says it should be done: a splash of red somewhere (like a handbag) to brighten up a dull outfit, or a wild psychedelic belt to make a shift dress interesting. Check these out.

Notice the skirt on the left, the shoes in the middle and the bag on the right. D and G have used colour as a sort of icing on their sartorial cake. It reminds me of those blackand white photos where they keep the lips bright fuchsia for impact.

Forget that. I love a no-holds-barred colour-fest. Done right, it can be super-sexy. It's a mood-lifter, like a shot of coffee! People smile at you when you're colourful.

Here's a close-up of those shoes.

Show me a pouty, big-bootied girl gyrating on the dance floor wearing denim hotpants (frayed at the bottom, Britney-style) that leave her butt cheeks hanging out and a black tube top (old, dusty black; after a film of grey develops on top and it doesn't match your other black stuff anymore) and I'll watch disapprovingly.

Show me the same girl in super-cute pink hotpants and an electric green tube top, with bright lips and frilly socks and I'll think 'what a big, smiley ball of fun' and blow her a kiss! She can be showing even more cheek. It doesn't matter; it's not about skin, it's about colour.

Colour is a natural serotonin boost! It can cancel out sluttiness; such is its power.

 Now excuse me while I admire the colours in this shot.

Thanks to Charles Williams for these awesome images

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