Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Craziest Piece of Jewellery I Have Ever Seen

I remember having conversations about men's jewellery in the nineties. Every now and then an actor would show up on the red carpet (Robert Redford springs to mind for some reason; was he famous for rocking a bit of bling?) wearing a non-religious chain, or a modest gold bracelet. This never failed to elicit sneers and jeers:

'Jewellery on a guy! Nuh-uh.'

Fast forward to 2008 and look how far we've come! Hip hop has exploded out of the ghetto and into charts, malls, high schools, designer collections and suburban teenage hearts. And with it, it's brought CHAINS. Men's chains. And pendants as big as your head. Check out 'Beautiful Girls' singer Sean Kingston and his iced-out crayon box!


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Miss Anthrope said...

My question is are those Crayolas real, and if so, did he bring along a coloring book as well?